List of BC NGA maps showing distribution of specific geochemical parameters.

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In addition to the profiles shown in the thesis, the data was also represented in a series of maps where each play had a different number of variables being mapped depending on what data was available.

The maps were generated using basic kriging with a spherical algorithm and a Gaussian variogram. Declustering was done manually based on the data analysis. Many well test intervals have two or three gas analysis samples for molecular composition only. These samples are often inadequate to create a production profile and the geographic location is exactly the same. This creates estimation problems for the kriging algorithm and declustering is required. If all samples from a well test interval were flagged equally, only the first sample is used in mapping. If the first sample is problematic as identified in the flagging, the second or third sample is chosen. This declustering also applies to gas analysis from multiple legs on a single drilling pad, but instead of the first sample (usually the motherbore of a horizontal well), the horizontal leg with the longest reach and most frequent testing is used for mapping.

The maps should be viewed within the context of the previously referenced thesis and interpreative diagrams. This listing functions only within the structure of the Results page which should be read first.

  • Play 4.09 Paddy and Cadotte Formations and equivalents

  • Play 4.11 Spirit River and Peace River Formations and equivalents

  • (including Notikewin and Fahler Members)

  • Play 4.12 Bluesky and Gething Formations and equivalents

  • Play 4.14 Cadomin and Chinkeh Formations and equivalents

  • Play 4.15 Nikanassin Formation / Buick Creek Sandstone and equivalents

  • Play 4.15a Fernie Group and equivalents, Nordegg Formation

  • Play 4.16 Pardonet / Baldonnel / Charlie Lake Formations and equivalents

  • (many members grouped together)

  • Play 4.19 Halfway Formation and equivalents

  • Play 4.20 Doig Formation and equivalents

  • (includes some lower Halfway Formation where group sampled)

  • Play 4.21 Montney Formation and equivalents

  • Play 4.22 Belloy / Taylor Flat / Fantasque Formations and equivalents

  • Play 4.23 Mattson / Kiskatinaw Formations and equivalents

  • Play 4.24 Debolt / Shunda Formations and equivalents

  • Play 4.25 Pekisko / Banff Formations and equivalents

  • Play 4.28 Jean Marie / Muskwa Formations and equivalents

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